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Committee Guidelines

  1. The Events, Marketing and Committee (E.M. & C.) Coordinator or the Communications Manager will confirm your dates and times of committee meetings.

  2. Committee meetings must take place weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

  3. There must a Chamber staff person in attendance at any committee meeting.

  4. Committee Events and Activities must be revenue generating, or revenue neutral and must be approved by the President.

  5. Committees should always consider any opportunities to retain partners, and must have all Partners approved by the Chamber.

  6. Committees must request / prepare their own promotional opportunities and materials for the Chamber’s Business Advocate On-Line, Business Advocate Magazine, Flyers and tables at networking events (assign a Communications-Liaison person). Each Committee is responsible for their own profile and promotion – requests must be made from each committee on as-per-needed basis. The Chamber staff will do all it can to assist committees.

  7. All revenues gained by Committee Events or Activities become part of the Chamber’s overall revenue pool, as all expenses are part of the Chamber’s overall budget process. Only the President can approve any Committee budgets and expenditures. The President will also allocate any funds for Committee expenses.

MayorBurtonOakville Economic Update with
Mayor Rob Burton
April 17, 2014 

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Wed Apr 23 @ 6:00PM
Chamber Travel Program
Thu Apr 24 @ 6:00PM
Canadian Club Dinner Speaker Series
Fri Apr 25 @11:30AM
Lunch with Tim Hudak, MPP
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