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Mission, Value Proposition & Values


To foster and facilitate a healthy, engaged and sustainable business environment and economy in Oakville.

Value Proposition

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce strives to be the preeminent voice for Oakville business.  Our member benefits include advocacy, corporate benefits, networking, business development and educational forums. 

Core Values

  • Independence and non-partisanship
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Integrity, fairness and equity
  • Member engagement
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Free enterprise and entrepreneurialism


GOAL ONE:  Expand and Enhance Programming.

1.1       Develop new programming for specific groups such as young professionals and new businesses.
1.2       Continue to provide and expand education and training programs through partnerships with academic institutions and other groups and associations. 
1.3       Leverage technology to connect members and link with the community.  

Achievement of the programming goals will result in a broad range of cost-effective programs and services that add value to members and align with the Chamber mission and values.

GOAL TWO:  Raise the Chamber Profile.

2.1       Enhance relationships with our current strategic partners and establish new relationships consistent with our goals. 
2.2       Interact with other Chambers provincially, nationally and internationally. 
2.3       Continue and refine marketing, communication and media relations activities. 
2.4       Review current and explore new branding initiatives. 

Achievement of the profile goals will result in the Chamber being one of the most visible organizations in the community. 

GOAL THREE:  Increase Influence.

3.1       Increase engagement with The Town of Oakville and Halton Region.
3.2       Strengthen relationships with the federal and provincial government.
3.3       Advocate on salient issues affecting all business sizes and member categories. 

Achievement of the influence goals will position the Chamber as a respected, strong and confident advocate for business. 

GOAL FOUR:  Develop the Organization.

4.1       Institute a staff performance management and recognition system.
4.2       Ensure staff continuity through effective transition planning.
4.3       Retain the ability to source policy from multiple channels.
4.4       Expand current criteria to enable outreach to younger, more diverse Board and Committee recruits. 
4.5       Establish a corporate social responsibility policy. 

Achievement of the organizational development goals will result in a sustainable Chamber with satisfied, healthy and effective staff.  

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