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Membership Investment 

Why should I join a chamber of commerce?

The chamber exists for its members and works to add value to these member businesses by helping to strengthen the local economy, providing networking opportunities, promoting the community at large and effectively advocating on behalf of our member businesses.

We offer affordable rates for annual membership.  All businesses in Oakville are eligible for membership. Membership rates are based on the number of employees in your organization.  


No. of Full Time Equivalent Employees*  No. of Chamber Voting Representatives.** Annual Fee One time admin fee
1-5 1 $321.00 $45.00
6-9 2 $519.00 $45.00
10-12 2 $659.00 $45.00
13-24 3 $824.00 $45.00
25-49 4 $967.00 $45.00
50-74 4 $1113.00 $45.00
75-99 5 $1288.00 $45.00
100-124 6 $1408.00 $45.00
125-149 6 $1498.00 $45.00
150-174 7 $1725.00 $45.00
175-199 8 $1856.00 $45.00

200+ employees is $1828.00 + $1 per employee, please contact

*To calculate full time equivalents, divide total employees' weekly hours by 40. 

**Each organization is eligible to designate a specific number of representatives based on the organization's number of employees. Registered representatives are eligible to vote at the chamber's annual general meeting. (Additional employees not recognized as official representatives may still participate in chamber activities as members under your organization). If you wish to have an additional voting representative but do not have enough employees to qualify for the next category of membership, your organization can pay $50 per additional voting representative.

Oakville Chamber of Commerce Business Reg. Number R107790586 All fees subject to HST.

No portion of the membership fee is refundable. NOTE: These membership fees are subject to change.

Your membership fee includes a $10.00 contribution to Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC). The OCC has a membership of approximately 60,000—representing an estimated one third of Ontario’s employment.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is a significant force and is truly the voice of business in Ontario. When the OCC speaks, Ontario cabinet ministers and senior bureaucrats listen.

Please select from the dropdown list how many full time equivalent employees in your organization to start the enrollment process. Then choose either Purchase Membership or Request More Information.

*If you are renewing your Oakville Chamber of Commerce membership - please check the box.Then click on Purchase Membership

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Small Business Week Kick Off Breakfast

with Jim Treliving

Monday October 20th

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Wed Sep 24 @ 7:30AM
Aon Good Morning Oakville September 2014 Regular Registration
Wed Sep 24 @ 7:30AM
Aon Good Morning Oakville September 2014 (5 Minute Member Speaker)
Wed Sep 24 @ 7:30AM
Aon Good Morning Oakville September 2014 (2 Minute Member Speaker)
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